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      With healthy life style, durability and cost effectiveness in mind, AdvanceUp is dedicated to developing trend-leading ergonomic office furniture. This office chair, being budget friendly, is not only built to last, but also for sustained comfort. If you suffer from neck pain or back pain, or just like to lean back and relax often throughout the day, this high back office chair is specially designed to keep your body in a comfortable position with minimal strain and to maintain healthy sitting posture.

      Adjustable Lumbar Support

      Scientific research has shown that a properly positioned lumbar support delivers external pressure to the lower back, helping the spine retain some of its natural curve when seated, and alleviating stress to the vertebrae. Our adjustable lumbar support feature, independent of the seat back, can be easily adjusted to enhance comfort and significantly ease the fatigue and pain of your back.


      *With a curved shape that fits right underneath your neck, the headrest is adjustable in both height and angle, provides comprehensive support to your neck and head and ensures healthy alignment.

      *The backrest supports a maximum angle of 130 degrees, allowing you to easily configure it to the proper position to relieve back pressure and pain. The backrest can be locked at any angle between 90-130 degrees for ultimate flexibility with adjustable tilt tension. 

      *The breathable mesh back and multi-layered high-density seat cushion allow you to sit comfortably for long hours while 2D adjustable armrests for maximum sitting comfort

      *One-piece clothes hanger on the back for additional convenience.

      *Double back frame bearing, aluminum base, BIFMA Certified gas lift and Polyurethane on Aluminum wheels for additional durability. 

      *Seat Height Range: 17”-21” from the ground

      *Weight Capacity: 330 lbs