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      Introducing the 180° Full Face Snorkeling Mask by Xspec

      This snorkeling mask helps you have some exceptionally clear views under the water. The mask wraps around your head giving you 180° for an uninterrupted, panoramic viewing area. It holds tightly in place with adjustable elastic straps without pulling your skin or hair. A silicone seal is applied to the edges of the mask to prevent water from going in.

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      Note: Colors on actual product may appear slightly different than the picture due to different monitor settings.

      • 180° Panoramic Viewing
      • Anti-Fog Lens (Wider and Clearer Peripheral Vision)
      • Anti-Leak Silicone Skirt (Soft, Non-Allergenic)
      • Front Camera Mount (Easy Bolt Locking)
      • Double-Valve Respiratory Chamber
      • Wider Breathing Channel with Long Double Tube
      • Please carefully read instructions before using
      • The snorkeling mask is not applicable for free diving or scuba diving
      • It is recommended that kids under 12 years old have adult supervision while using product
      • Do not remove the internal anti-fogging film of the snorkeling mask
      • To Determine Size: From the side of your nose in a straight line, measure the distance from the base of your chin to the bridge of your nose as shown in the pictures to determine your size