300 pc. Silver Grommets & Washers for Hand Pressed Grommet Machines (Size #4) 1/2"

  • Includes 300 Silver Toned Grommets of the #4 Size Die
  • Silver colored-plated metal resists corrosion
  • Compatible with most dies of the same size!
  • Perfect for banners, tarps, and apparel!
  • Perfect to use with our Hand Press Grommet machine!

SKU: CRS200310 | BRAND: Clevr

Crosslinks is excited to offer the Clevr Silver toned grommets & washers pack for your Clevr hand press grommet machine. Grommets come in packs of 300

Our grommets are guaranteed to fit any Clevr Grommet Machines; however, they could fit other brands that use a threaded top die.

Category: Grommets & Washers

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