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      The AdvanceUp Electric, Dual-Motor, Height Adjustable frame allows you to create your own desk space and find that much needed healthy balance of sitting and standing throughout the long work day. Experts agree that sitting is the new smoking. Sitting 6+ hours a day significantly increases the chances of disease ranging from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and even CANCER! Sitting puts unnecessary and unhealthy strain on your entire body. Standing periodically throughout the day keeps the blood flowing and helps you stay awake and alert. This is an invaluable investment for your health and well being.

      The frame is equipped with a powerful Timotion Dual-motor Lift system that silently and effortlessly elevates your workstation to your ideal position. The dual motor frame creates a 1.6" per second lift speed. The convenient touch screen controller features customizable settings for desired user heights. You can program up to 4 heights so you can get that perfect height each time. The solidly constructed steel legs utilize telescopic height adjustment that ranges from 25” to 51" and can hold up to 300lbs. The length of the frame can be adjusted from 42.25" - 71". The Timotion motor is backed up by a limited 5 year warranty!

      Desk Frame ONLY, Desk top sold separately

      • Heavy-Duty Steel Constructed Base with a Coated Finish
      • Digital controller with LED screen
      • Four programmable memory settings with Digital Keypad
      • Telescopic Legs with Reinforced Steel Footings
      • Height Range: 25" - 51"
      • Width Range: 42.25" - 71"
      • Depth: 27.5"
      • Weigh Capacity: 300 lbs.
      • Material: Steel Construction
      • Motor: TiMotion Dual Motor with 1.6"/Sec. Speed
      • Voltage: 110V-300V
      Compatible Tabletops
      • Length: 41” - 85”
      • Width: 23” - 44”
      • Thickness: 3/4” +