Longway Sector Neo Chrome Pro Stunt Kick Scooter Anodized Aluminum BMX Handlebar

  • Reinforced Triangle Design Handlebrs
  • 6061 Aluminum Pro DoubleHead Clamp, Reinforced Steel Alloy Threaded Fork
  • One of the kind Rainbow Anodized Neo Chrome Design
  • 110mm Wheels with ABEC-7 bearings
  • 20.5" x 4.3" 6160 Aluminum Extrusion Deck

SKU: CRS803982 | BRAND: Longway | UPC: 764475458512

This is top of the line Longway Aluminium Professional Stunt Kick Scooter, with eye catching Anodized Neo Chrome Design! The most advanced model featuring a tough but light Aluminum deck, smooth & fast aluminium wheels with ABEC-7 bearing, wide BMX style handlebars with 88A high rebouned PU grips, and rugged construction that can handle any trick you throw at it!

Our pro scooter is perfect for teens who are looking for the most advanced, strongest scooter at an amazing price! The large wheels with ABEC-7 bearings for a smooth soft ride on even the harshest landings. Thick, oversize handle bars, deck, head clamp allow for tricks and jumps without breaking a sweat.The scooter measures about 33" from the ground to the handlebars making it ideal for teen and young adults but suitable for people of all ages.

  • BMX Style handlebar with reinforced design for weight reduction
  • Pro double strong anodized aluminum head clamp made from 6061 aluminum
  • Professional HIC (Hidden Internal Compression) headset system
  • Reinforced anodized aluminum threaded fork.
  • 20.5" x 4.3" 6061 Extrusion Aluminum Deck for the ultimate in strength and lightweight.
  • Fender brake for strength and durability.
  • 110mm*24mm Wheels with Aluminum core for the ultimate strength and balance. ABEC 7 bearings for smooth and fast ride.
  • Reinforced BMX style handlebar for superior handling
  • Handgrips: High quality TPR Rubber
  • Weight capacity: 220Lbs
  • Dimension: 27.5"(L) X 22.5"(W) X 33"(H), Weight: 7.5 Lbs
  • Age Range: 8 years old and up

Category: Scooters

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