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      From alpine skiing to Mammoth Mountain snowboarding, Xspec developed 4 styles of goggles suitable for different winter sports. We maintain the passion on providing solid quality product.

      The Xspec snow goggles protects your eyes from debris, wind, and harmful UV rays. The high quality scratch resistant lens have a unique double layer anti-fog design. The outer layer is constructed from high impact poly-carbonate while the inner layer is .5mm permanent anti-fog cellulose acetate lens imported from Italy. Comes with a satin drawstring bag and fleece lined satin, anti-shock, water-resistant, hard case.

      Tech Specs
    • Hard case w/ fleece lining
    • Spherical Lens
    • Detachable Lens
    • Double PC lens
    • Frame: TPU
    • Ventilation: Two-way channel
    • Helmet Compatible: Yes
    • Face Size: Small to Medium
    • Recommended Use: Skiing/Snowboarding
    • UV400 Protection Coating: Yes
    • Anti-fog Coating: Yes
    • Design
    • Embedded Myopic Lens
    • Double-lens
    • Anti-UV
    • Anti-impact
    • Anti-fog
    • Dual-clip
    • Breathable Form Design
    • Colorful Lens
    • Maintenance
    • Please don't use finger or rough cloth to wipe or clean the lens as they will stain the lens
    • Please store the goggles in the pouch or box to prevent lens from scratching.
    • Please do not use mascara or other oily substance in case lens gets dirty.
    • To dry perspiration either air dry or use a hair dryer on cool setting.
    • Please do not wipe the inner lens which will neutralize effectiveness of anti-fogging.