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      This is the high-end professional scooter part for our Stunt Kick Scooter, we use high grade (Grade 9) titanium as the material, which brings the scooter T-bar to the highest level of lightweight, strength and durability. Titanium is a type of metal that is often sought after because it is extremely lightweight while retaining strength. We make use of the material and with TIG welding, brought out this high end Titanium T-bar that's destined to provide top performance. This oversized T-bar only weights 1lb 11oz (760g). It fits 45mm diameter headset system. Handlebars width: 24", handlebars thickness 0.87" (22.2mm). Height: 25.5", Downtube thickness: 1.37" (34.8mm).

      • Material: High Grade Titanium
      • Color: Titanium Satin
      • Weight: 1 lb. 11 oz. (760g)
      • 45 mm HIC concave
      • Width: 24"
      • Height: 25.5"