Xspec Dual Tube Snorkel Diving Face Mask, Black

  • 180° PANORAMIC VIEW - It is designed to provide you with a large wide view of undisturbed visibility and see breathtaking sights under the water clearly. Features a mount on the top of the mask, so you can easily attach your action camera (not included) to capture your adventures with friends and family.
  • FULL FACE MASK - The advance adjustable dual-elastic straps help secure the mask and give you comfort so you can enjoy hours of snorkeling. Has a 360° adjustable respiratory feature so you're safe on your snorkeling adventure, wherever it may be.
  • ANTI-FOG & ANTI-LEAK DESIGN - Features a durable soft silica gel liner and an ergonomic waterproof design, which provides great comfort and watertight sealing Our innovative plastic film prevents the mask from fogging up for up to 15,000 hours. The leak proof design keeps the dry air well recirculated in the mask. The snorkel top is capped and features a float ball to automatically seal the snorkel when fully submerged
  • DUAL TUBE BREATHING SYSTEM - Our mask features double air-flow channels that separates inhaling and exhaling. It assures you that oxygen is flowing in and carbon dioxide is flowing out, allowing you to breath though your nose and mouth.
  • SIZE MEASUREMENT - Measure from the bridge of your nose (in between your eyes) to the chin, and choose your size according to the size chart.

SKU: CRS806501 | BRAND: Xspec | UPC: 689807754295
Introducing the 180° Full Face Snorkeling Mask by Xspec

This snorkeling mask helps you have some exceptionally clear views under the water. The mask wraps around your head giving you 180° for an uninterrupted, panoramic viewing area. It holds tightly in place with adjustable elastic straps without pulling your skin or hair. A silicone seal is applied to the edges of the mask to prevent water from going in.

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  • 180° Panoramic Viewing
  • Anti-Fog Lens (Wider and Clearer Peripheral Vision)
  • Anti-Leak Silicone Skirt (Soft, Non-Allergenic)
  • Front Camera Mount (Easy Bolt Locking)
  • Double-Valve Respiratory Chamber
  • Wider Breathing Channel with Long Double Tube
  • Please carefully read instructions before using
  • The snorkeling mask is not applicable for free diving or scuba diving
  • It is recommended that kids under 12 years old have adult supervision while using product
  • Do not remove the internal anti-fogging film of the snorkeling mask
  • To Determine Size: From the side of your nose in a straight line, measure the distance from the base of your chin to the bridge of your nose as shown in the pictures to determine your size

How To Set Up Mask:

  1. Attach the breathing tube on each side of the mask
  2. Attach the camera bracket on top of the mask
  3. Remove the protective film on the outer part of the mask
  4. Adjust the length of the headband according to the size of the head to ensure comfort without falling off
  5. Adjust each breathing tube to immerse in the water
  6. Before going into the water, make sure that the mask is secured tightly enough so no water can go inside

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