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      This high power commercial 110v deep fryer from PartyHut features high power 3400 watts, two separate basins, that go up to 374 F temperature! It includes a safety shutoff switch incase it overheats. Requires two 110v outlets, each basin requires it's own outlet. Our Deep Fryer is excellent quality for buffalo wings, chicken, dumplings, egg rolls, shrimp rolls, mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers, or any thing else that gets deep fried. With the reasonable price, this Deep Fryer is adequate to commercial uses, such as restaurants, supermarkets, fast food stands, snack bars or home uses and parties.

      Comes apart in seconds for easy cleaning, no tools necessary. Super light, weighs only 20 lbs!

      • 2 large 10.5"x13"x6" basin tanks.
      • Includes 2 7"x8"x4" baskets to deep fry your meals
      • Requires Standard US 110v Outlets (for each basin) ~ 110V 60Hz 3400w
      • Reaches up to 374 Fahrenheit Temperatures
      • Box Dimensions: 24"x20"x13"

      Warning: This dual-tank fryer has separate power plugs for each tank. If you use one tank only, please ensure the plug for the corresponding tank is connected correctly.If you use both tank with full power, due to the wattage amount, it is recommended that you plug in 2 separate outlets to avoid burning of the fryer or circuit breakers

      Note: The surface of the product has a protective sticker that covers the stainless steel to prevent it from scratching during shipping. You have to peel the white protector film off prior to using.

      Most of our items have a picture and/or description of the contents on the box. Please email us if you would like for us to cover it.