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      The AdvanceUp Electric Motorized Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Workstation, allows you to instantly convert your office desk into ergonomic desktop -- With just a touch of your finger. The stand up desk helps you maintain a healthier balance of sitting and standing throughout the long work day. This Stylish, Functional, and Affordable solution allows you instantly enjoy the relieves on you back and neck, while taking advantage of more healthier movements while working.

      Experts agree that sitting 6+ hours a day significantly increases the chances of disease ranging from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and even CANCER! Standing periodically throughout the day keeps the blood flowing and helps you stay awake and alert. This is an invaluable investment for your health and well being.

      The AdvnUp Ergonomic Desk is equipped with an electric motorized lift system that allows you to switch between sitting and standing in seconds, by just pressing a button. With the 1.4" to 21" height adjustable range, you can instantly switch your sit or stand without any interruptions. Its ultra slim design, with 44 lbs. max load capacity and the 28.3" X 18.9" work surface, makes it perfectly accommodated your laptop, monitor, keyboard, mouse and more!

      • Sturdy Steel Constructed Base with a Coated Finish
      • Laminated MDF Desktop
      • Built-In Cable Management
      • Height adjusts from 1.4" to 21" , Electric Motorized Lift System
      • Dual Free-tilting and 360° rotation Monitor Mounts, design for multiple monitor viewing angles
      • Large Work Surface, Designed to fit most desks and cubicles
      • Brand: AdvnUp
      • Color: Black
      • Height Range: 1.4" to 21"
      • Work surface: 28.3" X 18.9"
      • Weigh Capacity: 44 lbs.
      • Monitor mount tilt range: +45° to -45°
      • Monitor mount swivel range: +30° to -30°
      • Monitor rotation: +180° to -180°