Clevr 40" Tree Net Web Saucer Round Teslin Swing, Adjustable 71" Height Rope, Orange & Black

  • STURDY AND SAFE - Our 40" net swing is made of high quality materials to resist UVs and water. It's a fun swing so kids, or even adults, can safely spin and swing around. It fits multiple kids or even an adult (600 lbs max weight).
  • COMPLETE SWING SET - The set includes everything you need to hang it from a tree. It includes: tree straps, 360 swivel link, safe quick links, and 6' hanging ropes.
  • DURABLE DESIGN WITH FOAM PADDED FRAME - Designed with the highest quality and adheres to strict safety requirements with quality engineering including a padded steel frame and soft shock absorbing foam. This swing is built to last!
  • QUICK AND EASY ASSEMBLY - The swing is designed to work universally and easily attaches to a swing set or you can hang it from a tree and your children are ready for a day of fun and excitement! The top of the ropes have steel rings that connect to the adjustable rope up to 71” height long (from seat to connection the point).
  • ADJUSTABLE ROPES - Adjustable 71" Height Nylon Ropes to accommodate most size trees or play yards.

SKU: CRS805809 | BRAND: Clevr | UPC: 764475459922
Swing your way into the season! The swing is made with a metal frame that is securely encased in soft impact absorbing foam for safety and comfort. This swing is resilient and resistant to all types of weather. The bouncy teslin cloth seat is an updated design to traditional swings and provides a fun way to get your blood pumping. Bring this bouncy Swing to your next backyard party, it's sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike. Collapsible design is convenient when going to the park, party, or relatives house and for storing during the rainy season. Most of our items have a picture and/or description of the contents on the box. Please email us if you would like for us to cover it.
  • X-large diameter
  • 600 lbs rating holds several kids at once
  • 360º SWIVEL HOOK - Reduces rope twists and turns
  • Adjustable 6' Foot Swing Ropes
  • Collapsible for easy transport and storage
  • Easy Assembly
  • Clips and tree straps included
  • Product Dimensions: 40"(Diameter)
  • Max Rope Length: 71"
  • Metal frame thickness: 2"
  • Weight: 8 lbs.

Category: Swings

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