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      The PartyHut Commercial Cotton Candy Machine Carnival Party Candy Floss Maker is perfect for commercial use or parties, game rooms, wedding receptions, even family and social gathering. It is the same great PartyHut Cotton Candy machine but in a compact size. This Cotton Candy machine will pump out a continues flow of candy clouds. This will make any event an instant hit that will have people talking about for months!

      It features an easy cleaning stainless steel kettle, an innovative storage drawer, a belt driven performance grade motor, and an industry leading 950 Watt high performance heating element. With the antique style design, you will be reminiscing about your early days at the ball game, carnival, or the movie theater.

      • Extra High Working Efficiency
      • Comes with spare rotary belt and floss scoop
      • Work continually and yield one per 10 seconds
      • High transfer rate of source
      • Upgraded internal elements
      • Top Grade Whirl about Cap
      • Precise workmanship for candy output holes
      • Extremely glossy surface, no sugar conglutination
      • Safe and Easy Operation
      • ON-OFF power button switch
      • CE Approved
      • Low Maintenance
      • Easy cleaning with a damp cloth
    • Available Colors: Blue, Pink, Red
    • Power: 1080w
    • Voltage: 110v
    • Frequency: 60hz
    • Output: approximately 2-4 servings/min
    • Bowl Size: 20.5"
    • Over all Size: 12"(H)X 20.5"(W)
    • Note: The machine has a safety device to prevent injury. It will not turn on unless the bowl is properly secured. Matching clear cover is also available, search "PTH201734" to see the listing.Most of our items have a picture and/or description of the contents on the box. Please email us if you would like for us to cover it.