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      Enjoy the easy and compactness of this multi-functional convection air fryer oven. In one convenient machine you will enjoy, not only the air fryer function, but is also rotisserie, dehydrator, pizza oven and toaster oven functions.

      Equipped with accessories you'll have everything you need in order to start creating delicious meals.

      • Fryer Pan (Drip Tray)
      • Fetch Tool
      • Rotisserie Chicken Fork
      • Frying Basket
      • Skewer Rack (8 Skewers)
      • 3 Dehydrating Racks
      • Rotating Basket

      The easy to read manual will help you learn how to use your machine to air fry items, roast a whole chicken , dehydrate fruits and jerky, make french fries and more!

      Most of our items have a picture and/or description of the contents on the box. Please email us if you would like for us to cover it.