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      The Xspec Kneeboard is suitable for most kids and adults, whether you're an advanced rider going high speeds and performing high level tricks or just a beginner cruising in the water. It features blended water ski and wakeboard design elements for extraordinary levels of performance; whether you're surfing in the ocean, lake or river. It is constructed with an adjustable strap that secures the rider in place, while a textured, padded area helps with comfort and stability. It's built to last for years with use in fresh or saltwater.
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      Care & Maintenance
    • Always store your board in a bag or safe place when not in use
    • Make sure to rinse your kneeboard with fresh water after using to remove any sand, dirt, or salt water
    • Make sure to only clean the kneeboard with a soft cotton cloth; Do not clean with abrasive materials
    • Do not leave your kneeboard exposed to sun or bad weather for long periods of time
    • Features
    • Quad Molded Fins
    • Adjustable 3" Padded Knee Strap
    • Marine-grade Water-Resistant and Corrosion-Resistant construction for enhanced performance
    • High-impact durable plastic housing
    • Soft cushion for added comfort
    • Floating & Stable Platform Base
    • Integrated Easy-Start Aquatic Hook
    • Durable Rotomolded Shell with EPS core